Himalayan Shilajit – prevents aging, rejuvenates body

The ancient Himalayan Knowledge of Healing
April 20, 2017



SHILAJIT is a thick, sticky, dark exudation obtained from steep rocks of Himalayan mountains. For thousands of years it has been known by endogenous people for its ability to restore physical and mental strength, enhance longevity and vitality, and bring inner elements into balance. Countless legends and stories narrate about its miraculous effects and abilities to conquer any disease or ailment, and thus it has been given a Sanskrit name Shilajit which means The rock-conqueror.

Its fame and glory reached our days and has been the subject of scientific research in Soviet Russia and India since the early 1950s. Later on, Western world has been also introduced to this unique substance and many researches on its chemical composition, bioactive substances and potential medicinal properties and uses has been done, and are still investigated.

Shilajit is described as mineral oil which forms on the sunny side of the mountains. Plants and organic matter over time get trapped in layers of rocks and then through the pressure of mountains weight, extreme temperature fluctuations and flow of melted ice, they are transformed into dark, rich mineral mass that flows out of mountain crevices and is then finally cooked by warmth of the sun.

It takes thousands of years for this magnificent transformation to take place, resulting in tar-like substance containing over 85 minerals in ionic form, trace elements, vitamins, fulvic acid, humic acid and many other bioactive components.

We obtain raw Shilajit from the rural high-altitude mountain regions of Kingdom of Bhutan, one of the purest places on Earth.

It then undergoes extensive process of purification from impurities, adaptation and refinement in accordance with cumulative wisdom of Sowa-Rigpa and methodical experience of Dr. Sherab Tenzin. Afterwards we apply modern methods of extraction, that allows all those valuable elements to be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body.

Apart from being an extremely rich source of microelements that are essential for proper bodily functions, Shilajit has many unique and valuable properties which shows to affect all parts of organ systems. Its particular high content of fulvic acid provides beneficial effect on digestion and helps the body to absorb nutrients. Fulvic acid is naturally high in electrolytes and antioxidants that act on cell walls and facilitate transport of Shilajit microelements deep into cells, thus preventing deficiency of essential elements and consequently effectively prolonging cells life and health, as well as protecting it from free-radical damage and oxidative stress.

Fulvic acid is also known to protect against cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative disorders. It is capable to maintain the required oxygen levels in body during hypoxia through increasing bloods oxygen-carrying capacity, improving circulation and its diffusion in tissue. It shows to be highly effective in protecting against high-altitude sickness, its symptoms and complications.

Shilajit enhances the production of energy (ATP) by increasing efficiency of the process of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria and thus enhances physical and mental strength, relieves chronic fatigue, tiredness and lethargy, as well as reduces the recovery period of injured cutaneous and musculoskeletal tissues, promoting its active regeneration, decreasing healing time and improving general wellbeing, including regulation of body temperature, sleep, appetite and weight. It shows to improve memory, gives clarity to mind and sensory organs, supports the strength and power of secret organs, thus supporting ethnic tales of its rejuvenative, strength-giving and anti-aging capacities.

Moreover, Shilajit shows to give protection from pathogenic microorganisms by boosting immune system and simultaneously modulating its responses, by preventing or correcting excessive immune reactions in forms of allergies or chronic inflammations.

Shilajit gives particular beneficial support for diabetic patients through improving lipid profile, balancing glucose levels, enhancing physiological energy status and its strong antioxidant and healing activities. It supplies body with iron, helps its absorption and proper assimilation; participates in neutralization and removal of poisonous and toxic substances from the body; protects gastrointestinal system, heart, liver, kidney and blood vessels from damage and enhances proper metabolic activities in those tissues.

Furthermore, Shilajit opens blockages, destroys congestions, dissolves tumors and overall promotes balanced movement of the Wind element in the body and also helps to remove excess fluid and thus reduces edemas (peripheral, pulmonary and cerebral).


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