Doctor Sherab Tenzin

Ancient Himalayan knowledge of healing or Traditional Tibetan Medicine, which originally called Sowa Rigpa in Tibetan, is based on centuries of experience, systematic, logical approach and gives the complete understanding of inner body and its relation with outer environment. Its aim is the treatment of diseases by creating the balance of fundamental energies and elements and maintaining a good health and long life. This is not medicine, but the basis of medical knowledge. Basically it means the Knowledge of Healing, which refers to the Tibetan and Himalayan regional system of natural medicine. It has thousands of years of history, passed down through the generations. Carrying its own unique wisdom cultivated from the high plateau of Himalaya, Sowa Rigpa has also met and integrated much of the local systems of Ayurvedic, Greek, and Chinese medicine. It has been popularly practiced in Tibet, Mongolia, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Himalayan region of India and a few parts of former Soviet Union. Himalayan knowledge of Healing philosophy and treatments offer time-proven solutions to health and longevity, because of its unique ability to restore proper balance and harmony inside the body organs and energy systems. These philosophies are holistic, meaning looking at the “big picture” of overall health, and such are based on restoring balance to the body and organs involved, so the body can heals itself.


Dr. Sherab Tenzin was born to Lopon Barma and Khaumo. His father who was a Dorji Lopon (Vajra Master), was an emanation of a great yogi from PemaKod, Tibet. He received many important teachings and transmissions from H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche.Dr. Sherab also received many teachings and transmissions from many important masters including, H.H. Trulshik Rinpoche, Taklung Tsutrul Rinpoche and H.E. Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche and many other masters from Kagyu and Nyingma lineages.


He completed two years of internship under the personal guidance of Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche who is the Founder and Director of Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute during 1997 - 1999. Dr. Sherab taught Dzongkha and Tibetan Language at the St. Joseph’s College in North Point, Darjeeling, India and St. Paul’s School in Jalapahar, Darjeeling, India from 1991 - 1995 while he was studying at the Chagpori Medical College in Darjeeling. He then worked as a resident doctor at the Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute for two years.


Dr. Sherab has been doing healing tours in Europe and the USA from 2004-2009. Dr. Sherab received his Men Rampa degree (MD) in Traditional Sowa-Rigpa indigenous medicine from Mentsekhang, Dharamsala, India in 2009. He is a member of AWB (Acupuncturist without border) International.

He not only practices Tibetan medicines thus gives great importance to the preservation of medicinal herbs. As of today's world more and more people from around the world are giving great interest in natural herbal healing system and are seeking more herbal remedies, products and supplements etc. Hence the herbal business is increasing and becoming popular. Natural herbs, specially the key medicinal herbs and the rare medicinal plants that are found in the Himalayas at high altitude levels are being over used and are close to extinct. Since they are not re-cultivated, they are declining every year by year.

Herbal Medicine

So he has started a medicinal herb plantation in Bhutan from 2008, which started with 10 kinds of medicinal herbs and they are growing very well. He has a second plantation project to start in Pharping, Nepal near by the healing center.

In order to preserve them, Dr. Sherab has started a medicinal herb plantation in Bhutan from 2008. He visits Bhutan twice a year to see the plantation work which is looked after by his relatives and two full time staffs throughout the year.

Dr. Sherab has second plantation project in Pharping, Nepal where he runs a clinic and healing center near by. At the center he gives free treatments to the poor locals, nuns, monks, retreatants and those who need help. Also provide a place to stay for those coming from far places. The income from the center goes to support the free medicine project that he has been doing since several years.

His main aim now is to cultivate the high altitude growing medicinal herbs and the low altitude growing herbs in a larger area. And for this project he has found a suitable land on a lease rent for ten years. The estimated cost for this project at start is about 10 – 12 thousand dollar which in Nepali rupees is equivalent to 8 – 9 Lakhs. This includes rent of the land for 10 years; fencing of the land, green house, garden supplies and tools, payment for staffs, installation of water line etc… Once it is started then we need support for running cost only. Such as staffs payment, water, electricity, garden supplies and maintenance etc. for some years.

Once his main aim to cultivate and preserve the high altitude rare medicinal herbs become successful and functions smoothly, it will give great benefit to the locals as it will increase job opportunities, it will become a great opportunity for students who are interested to study and do research about medicinal herbs. It will also help to sustain medicinal herbal plants and protect them from being over used. Thus Dr. Sherab's dream is to maintain the cycle between the herbal ecosystem with the. The income from this plantation will be re-used for increasing more plantation work and for free medical services.

Lifestyle & Philosophy

Dr. Sherab studied Buddhist Philosophy at Phajoding and Tango Buddhist College in Thimpu, Bhutan. He studied three years of traditional Tibetan medicine at Dechen Choeling Tibetan Medical Institute in Thimpu, Bhutan. He then received a Bachelor’s Degree in Tibetan Medicine and Surgery after completing five years of Theoretical Studies at Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute in Darjeeling and Mentsekhang Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute in Dharamsala, India, under the guidance of H.H. the Dalai Lama, between 1990 - 1996.

From 1999-2006 Dr. Sherab's work included working as a consultant doctor and advocate of rare medicinal plantations including the conservation, management and sustainable use of endangered medicinal plants in the Mount Everest region. Studying the effects and causes of high altitude sickness. Working for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal with the late Yeshi Lama on medicinal plants research. Producing a documentary for the National Geographic Channel series "The Science of the Mind" concerning traditional indigenous medicine (2005). Teaming up with Ian Baker and National Geographic on an expedition in search of five magic plants and other medicinal plant research in PemaKod, India (2006/2007). Working for the German NGO (Medi-Himal) in free medical services in the remote villages of Nepal 2001-2006. From 2006 to the present his work and research has included Consultant Doctor for Wild Earth Pvt. Ltd. and advisor for both traditional treatment procedures and herbal formulations. Creating the Chi Spa's Signature "Himalayan Hot Stone Treatment" with Joanna Clare, which won the Baccarat Crystal Asia Spa 2006 best spa treatment of the year Award. Helping to develop the traditional tsampa rub treatment. Assisting in creating Jampeche products: the mendril gem treatment, horgi maytsa treatment, herbal foot and face steam bath, flowing river lymph drainage de-tox products as well as yab and yum herbs. Consulting and developing along with Kelly Shaw, former Spa Director of Chi Spa Shangri-la Malaysia, on the creation of new Chi Spa Signature treatments: mud, milk and salts as well as teas for yab and yum, flowing river, spikenard, relaxation. Working on the development and production of Sowa-Rigpa treatment methods.

Dr. Sherab is the founder and director of PureVision Sorig Healing, Retreat and Research Center (valley of Dollu near the village of Pharping).