Safflower / Carthamus tinctorius / Gurkum
April 29, 2017
Meconopsis Blue Poppy
Blue Poppy / Meconopsis sp. / Tserngon
April 29, 2017

Silk Cotton Tree

Lat. Bombax Ceiba

Tibet. Nagagesar



Botanical Name Bombax Ceiba
English name Silk Cotton Tree
Tibetan Name Nagagesar
Family Malvaceae
Parts Used Flower
Description Bombax ceiba grows to an average of 20 meters, with old trees up to 60 meters in wet tropical regions. The trunk and limb bear numerous conical spines particularly when young, but get eroded when older. The leaves are palmate with about 6 leaflets radiating from a central point (tip of petiole), an average of 7~10 centimeters wide, 13~15 centimeters in length. The leaf's long flexible petiole is up to 20 cm long. The fruit, which reaches an average of 13 centimeters in length, is light-green in color in immature fruits, brown in mature fruits.
Habitat The tree is widely planted in southeastern Asian countries (such as in Vietnam, India, Nepal, Malay, Indonesia, southern China and Taiwan, etc.) at an altitude of 1500 meters and lower regions like forests on low hills and along rivers and roadsides.
Active Compounds
Medicinal Properties It has cardiotonic, antibacterial and hepatoprotective actions.
Taste and properties Astringent; cooling and rough nature
Potency It treats hot disorders of the lungs, heart and liver. Also, it stops diarrhea and lowers fever.
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