Daknang 10 Daily Detox Formula

Beleric myrobalan / Terminalia bellerica / Barura
March 18, 2017

DAKNANG 10 DAILY DETOX FORMULA is made of wild-crafted Himalayan herbs, healing properties of which can stimulate detoxification. It is supporting digestive and lymphatic systems, enhancing eliminatory functions, maintaining a healthy balance and harmony of body’s vital organs and energy systems. Product is formulated by Doctor Sherab Tenzin (Master of Sowa Rigpa Traditional Medical science) in accordance with the ancient Himalayan Medical texts and traditional herbal wisdom.

DAKNANG 10 DAILY DETOX FORMULA is a unique composition of plants rich in biologically active substances, minerals and amino acids, which help to regulate appetite and normalize metabolic processes, support oral cavity health, reduce fat deposits and remove toxins. Moreover, it can help to support the nervous, immune and urogenital systems, normalize blood pressure and eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome. This formula is enriched with black Indian cardamom and moonseed, which in synergy with others can help to improve digestion, purify blood and liver, as well as lower cholesterol level.